My Little Tin Can


How come I cannot get over? I’ve been away for quite sometime. So long we havent spoken, but still you’re in my mind. I’ve tried locking you away, in a tin box. I closed my eyes and threw the key away, so I would not know where to find it. But still you try to escape my little tin box where you and my heart have stayed. The heart I prepared for you, the heart you rejected, and shattered into a million pieces. The heart that would never be enough for you. The heart where all the negative hearts have combined and so creates the ultimate of all negative hearts.

So I again I say I can’t get over you, no matter how much I try. Sometimes I wish I never knew you, sometimes I wish I never tried. The only question I only have right now, how is it so easy for you to recover from this, while until now I’m suffering in pain? Maybe, because I gave more than you did therefore I lost the most. Now I am still in the abyss, no where else to go but up. Although going up is still impossible, since I can’t bear leaving my little tin can behind.


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