I Do Not Approve of This

Two weeks ago when I was having my spiritual nourishment in church, I saw this envelope next to me. The envelope include a perforated piece of paper with the included these instructions (see photo) that asked for pledges for an educational cause. I didn’t follow the instructions and did not pledge since I don’t have the money for it.

A week after it was time for my spiritual food again (listening to the gospel and how the mass celebrant sees it or the homily). During the homily, the celebrant preached about giving, how we should be giving to the poor, the needy and the unemployed. I do not have anything against giving to those who I think need them; I do and organize my own charity work every year for the homeless. Most part of the homily that day was about soliciting. Asking churchgoers to pledge financial support on the cause the church is pushing.

Don’t get me wrong but I believe in giving, I believe that we should not have too much and we should share whatever we have, can and want. But the homily at that time was way beyond disappointing. I was so disappointed about the part of the mass that the celebrant asked the mass goers to pledge. Probably it is my bias that I didn’t like the celebrant giving the mass goers and parishioners step-by-step instructions on how to fill-up the envelopes and how they could even use their credit cards. It even has an installment or staggered payment plan, for pledging to pay a certain amount for a certain time of the year. These announcements and activities may be made after the mass or before they give out the final blessing. I just find it inappropriate and coercive to ask people to pledge during the homily.


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