A Course on a Different Kind of Art


This is to have my brain work even for a little, since its dead.

Anyway, from the precursor that a friend posted a college course which aimed to see the social context and critical study of pornography. At first one may think its absurd and an erotic joke. But this could have a real impact of what is happening in the sexual marketing realm towards our daily lives. It may be a class or discussion for fun or libido experience in an academic point of view. But it may also not be. At a glance it could be the excitement that is just about the erotic parts of the study. But if we look at it closer there are a lot of social contexts and concepts we can actually practice and use as we study this topic.

Funny how the exchange of comments on the topic transpired, first was thinking of what could be included in the course. A look at different kinds of pornographic films, from the traditional boy-girl or girl-boy porn to gay, lesbian, orgies, and even trannies (trans-gender, transvestite, etc.). Some may find this offensive or harassing though this depends on the open-mindedness, culture, and background of the person. Then the conversation transpired to adding the type of media used in the study some of which were scandals, full-length films and even live shows. After which using what perspective to use in the study; an emic and etic view, outsider’s perspective, and of course a participant observation approach.

An outsider’s perspective may be done by anyone who is willing to watch any kind of pornography from any type of media, right? How about a participant observation approach? Everyone can say, “Hell yeah!”, though how many can actually do this kind of study for this topic? Picture you doing the deed even for just a couple of minutes with someone else (may be 1 or more), with cameras from different angles, a director, executive director, make-up artists, choreographers, set designers, costume design (if there will be any), script writers (if there would be scripts to be delivered) and all the production shebang. Can any regular person do this for the sake of study? For the sake of writing a mind-blowing term paper on this course using a participant observation? Well if there’ll be a person who can do this, kudos to you. You are one heck of a person; an artist of this kind and a social scientist at the same time, that is one sexy person! ☺


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